The 2015 Arthur Svensson Prize to leaders of Bahrain Teachers Association

The 2015 Arthur Svensson Prize is awarded to the Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA) by leader Mahdi Abu Dheeb and deputy Jalila al-Salman. They were imprisoned in 2011, tortured and humiliated because they encouraged strikes among teachers.

The leader Mahdi Abu Dheeb was in 2011 sentenced to five years in prison. His health condition worsens steadily. He does not receive essential and critical medical aid. Jalila al-Salman was released after nearly six months in prison, but still suffers from a job ban and restrictions on her rights to speech.

The prize ceremony takes place in Oslo, Folkets Hus, 17 June 10.00, and is followed by the seminar "Teachers under attack" from 11.30 -13.00


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